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  • Farokh Shahabi

    Farokh Shahabi

    Co-founder & CEO at Formaloo | Helping online businesses grow | TEDx Organizer

  • Travis Fischer

    Travis Fischer

    Software developer & founder (2 exits). Formerly Microsoft & Facebook.

  • Josiah Humphrey

    Josiah Humphrey

  • Vivek Madurai

    Vivek Madurai

    Lead Technologist, Full Stack developer at OrangeScape.

  • Anna Geller

    Anna Geller

    Lead Community Engineer at Prefect, Data Professional, Cloud & .py fan. www.annageller.com. Get my articles via email: https://annageller.medium.com/subscribe

  • Pen Magnet

    Pen Magnet

    Author of Comprehensive Approach to Senior Developer Interview), Startup writer, Programmer, Tech Career Blogger, Education Engagement Enthusiast

  • Flavio Copes

    Flavio Copes

    I write tutorials for developers at https://flaviocopes.com

  • melissa mcewen

    melissa mcewen

    Software bugs + regular bugs

  • Software Development Community

    Software Development Community

    We are a community of software technology experts. We wrote about Agile Methodology, DevOps, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Full stack development

  • Svaťa Šimara

    Svaťa Šimara

    Developer interested in Domain-Driven Design & Modeling

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